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Why study cyber security in 2021

Cyber-security has been the dream career line for many but if you want to do, who are still having thoughts on whether you should actually pursue a career in cyber-security or not. In this article, I will solve all your queries and confusions regarding cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Security ?

Cyber-Security is a Collection of processes, techniques, and Practices that are designed to protect our devices such as laptops, smartphones, Computers from cyber attacks. Also, we can say that It is the Process of protecting servers, networks, electronics systems, and important data from malicious attacks. The main aim of these cyberattacks is accessing your device, destroying sensitive information, destroying or interrupting normal businesses, extorting money from users.

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Why you choose cyber security

Cybersecurity will always have growth and stability. Currently, there are three million jobs worldwide for you to tackle. Examples of the role include penetration testers, cyber analysts, reverse engineers, and many more to make a lucrative career easily and attained six-figure salaries. Because of all the demands, every sector from A to Z needs security. Apps, Banking, Consumer, Defense, Enterprise, finance, the health care, all are connected to the Internet and need security. Below are main reasons why you choose cyber security:

  • Need of Cybersecurity Professionals: Now a Days, Cybercrime is increasing day by day and for a normal person who wants to stop cybercrime and help other peoples, there is a better way to becoming a cybersecurity professional. Cybercrime is constantly evolving with techniques and processes like DDOS attack, Ransomware attack, or SSH attack are becoming more complicated problems. Now, the world needs a huge amount of cybersecurity professionals to reduce the number of cybercrimes.
  • Excellent job security and prospect: There is plenty of jobs are available in the cybersecurity career. The need for cybersecurity professionals is not decreasing in the future time. Also, the salaries of cybersecurity professionals are highly profitable. you can have peace of mind in this career approach with excellent career prospects.

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