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Why Should We Learn Python?

Why Should We Learn Python?

Why Should We Learn Python? – Here everyone, Today I will tell you that what actually python is and I will clear to most basic doubts in student’s mind.

First one is I have no knowledge of programming.

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Maybe first I have to go for some easy programming language like C but they don’t know that Python is the most d even.

Second is that students is confused about learning python.

Why should I learn Python.

We will focus on both of these and on also that what actually is Python.

So first of all let me consider what actually python is.

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So basically we have different levels of programming languages like low machine and high low-end machine

or something that is easy for the computer to understand but hard for programmers to understand and high

level is something that is harder for the computer to understand and easy for us to understand because

The computer just requires zero in one binary digits but these indexes in Python are in English so that’s

why this one is known as a high level programming language.

After that one python is developed in 1991 but it came in attention in 2012.

So I have a good chat for python in which you can notice before 2012.

This one is even lower than C++ but then in 2008 in Python is the most favorite and popular programming

so there is a sharp growth in Python programming and there are various reasons for that but easy to

learn easy to work and everything is available in Python.

When you learn python you will get that whatever you want to do.

There is a liability.

There are resources and everything available in Python even the biggest companies in the world.

  • Netflix
  • Google.

They are also using Python.

Even IBM is also using Python and the concepts like machine learning, A.I. they’re very easy with Python programming language because in the other programming languages like and see where you need to add the

syntax of approximately 200 to 300 lines will be written Python for just 20 to 30 likes and there are

lot of advantages to low bite.

So basically python is the best programming language available here.

Not just after the Python programming.

Let me consider the doubts since students like I don’t have any programming language knowledge.

I have to go for python.

I do not have written any code before.

Should I have to learn python first.

Well I have to go for any programming language like C and then I have to go for the python.

So for all of these students who are thinking these kinds of thing in my opinion every programming language

is divided into two parts.

Out of each first one is this index part which is different for every language in C you need to write

very large code but in python just a few lines of code.

Second thing the logical part that how you’re applying your knowledge to solve your problems.

That is same in every programming language.

Whatever you have this index is in final you are going to apply the knowledge same in every programming language.

It is just like learning English.

Learning French or any particular language but the motive is same representation of your feelings and

how value represent depends on your thoughts.

So just like that when we have the programming languages so it’s just the syntax is that defined different

programming languages and uncivil that cushion is.

You don’t need any programming language to learn python or any kind of language.

If you just go from the beginning to any programming language you will find no issues and everything

will be same for every programming language.

So better go for Python or see things will remain the same.

And being the python best programming language I suggest you to go for this one.

This one is very easy as compared to C and other different languages income pays enough sin taxes so

you will not find any problem by learning Python and the courses designed in very systematic way starting

from beginning and then step 2 step where the advanced level.

Now let’s move to the second question.

Why should I learned Python so the uncivil that one is because python is one of the most popular language

going everywhere and feels like machine learning and AA again require python.

And also if you look at this cell regrowth then there is a large growth instead of Python.


However, it is declining the last year but it is still increasing in the field of data science machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After that one by 10 is very blessed.

You have different options there.

You can go for.

And here is the cell the analyses for these.

So if you learn Python then it will provide you benefits all around you can even build your own programs

sell them then you can work anywhere in these fields.

You can go for machine learning you can go for artificial intelligence.

So there’s a lot more than I hope both of the doubts are clear to you now

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