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What is ERUPI Digital Payment Solution

What is ERUPI Digital Payment Solution – In this article, you will learn (e-Rupee) what is eRUPI? Complete information about its benefits uses. Also, you will know who needs eRUPI and its live partner bank and hospital list.

Recently the Government of India has launched eRUPI. If you are looking for an article in which eRUPI is explained in detail, then this article is for you. In this article, what is eRUPI, its benefits, how it works, its issues, etc have been explained in very simple words. Today our country has walked in the footsteps of a developed and bright India. If we compare today’s new India with post-independence India, then we have developed very fast.

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Today, India has shown to the whole world that India is no longer behind anyone in developing technology. Now many new initiatives have been taken by the government to reach out to needy people. eRUPI is India’s own digital transaction medium, with the help of which, help can be provided directly to the people at a very large level.

What is ERUPI Digital Payment Solution

What is eRUPI?

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has developed eRUPI on its UPI platform in association with the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and National Health Authority. To give effect to digital transactions in the country, the Government of India has launched eRUPI Vouchers on 2nd August 2021. This policy of the Government of India can prove to be a game-changer.

eRUPI looks a lot like a digital currency, but it is actually quite different from it. eRUPI is a method of digital payment. It is a cashless and contactless medium for making digital payments. In the form of digital currency, this is considered to be an important step of the Government of India. In simple words, it is like a prepaid gift card, which the person receiving will be able to use based on his/her need. The special thing about eRUPI is that it does not require any bank account and internet to use it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the countrymen on the occasion of the launch of eRUPI, had said that today our country is giving a new dimension to digital governance. He also said that eRUPI vouchers are going to play a big role in making DBT and digital transactions more effective in the country. The most important thing is that this voucher can be used only for the work for which the government has targeted. Let us tell you that eRUPI vouchers are already being used in many countries in today’s time. In big countries like America, Colombia, Sweden, etc., these facilities are being extended to the common people.

what are the Benefits of eRUPI?

It is a matter to consider, why the Government of India has launched UP when the means like Debit Card, Credit Card, and UPI are already there for the digital payment system.

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  • Let us tell you that eRUPI is different from digital transactions. It is a contactless and cashless system, in which there will be completely transparent and leakage free delivery of assistance or scheme as decided by the government.
  • It is in a way person as well as purpose specific. The purpose for which the government will send any assistance or benefit to the people will be used for that purpose and it will be done through eRUPI only.
  • This assistance connects the beneficiaries and service providers with each other in a digital manner without any contact with anyone else.
  • In eRUPI, it is ensured that payment is made to the service provider only after the assistance reaches the beneficiaries.
  • Being fully prepaid, there is no third person interference in the middle. Corruption can be reduced to a great extent in the country through such services.
  • With the help of eRUPI, apart from the government, if any non-governmental organization wants, they will also be able to contribute in this welfare work of the country.
  • With its help, all the needy people can be easily helped under TB eradication programme, Mother and Child Welfare Scheme, Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana etc.

For example, suppose that the government has sent a voucher to a person to buy sanitizer and mask for free through a message or QR code. So in such a situation, that person can only get sanitizer and mask by using that voucher. Many times, even after giving financial assistance to the people by the government, they are not able to use it properly. In such a situation eRUPI will prove to be an important step in protecting the interests of the people.

How does eRUPI work

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has tied up with many banks through its UPI platform to bring the facility of eRUPI. If any government agency or other corporates want to issue eRUPI vouchers, then they have to first approach these banks. Under this, the assistance provided to the beneficiaries will be sent to their mobile phones in the form of an SMS or QR code-based electronic voucher.

No banking details will be required to use it. When an SMS or QR code is sent to the mobile phone of the beneficiary, there will be no need to get the hard copy done. As soon as any assistance is reached to a beneficiary, then he will get that assistance only by visiting the designated government places and showing the QR code or message.

The beneficiary will be identified by his mobile number and vouchers in the name of only that person will be given by the banks through the service provider.

Who needs eRUPI

There are thousands of such families in our country, which holds the second-largest population in the world, who are not able to get the benefits of government schemes.

Many times such a problem is seen, that when the government sends a certain amount of money to help the people, the people in the mediator or small and big ministers always find their share. In such a situation, the help of the government does not reach the needy people. But the Government of India has found a surefire remedy for this in the form of eRUPI. With the help of this, there will no longer be any scope for any third-party mediation between the government’s assistance and the beneficiaries.

Apart from this, food grains and medicines will be made available to the people living below the poverty line at very cheap prices.

Live Partners of eRUPI

The live partners of eRUPI are the banks and hospitals that have started its services. Click on this link to see the list https://www.npci.org.in/what-we-do/upi/erupi-live-partners

In this article, you read about eRUPI (What is ERUPI Digital Payment Solution). Hope you liked this article and found it full of information. If you liked it then do share it.

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