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Web design Case Study

Web design Case Study – Web Designing is the way with the help of which you improve the design of your website. In the present Internet era, if you do not have an online identity, then no one may know you. In such a situation, having a website of yours acts as an online identity for you.

According to an individual, you can create your own brand and promote it through a website or blog. As a business owner, having a modern website becomes really critical if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Or if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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It is true that there are many professional web designers available in the market whom you can hire for your work to fulfill your web design needs. But you may have to pay money to do this. On the other hand, if I say that instead of hiring someone, you can also learn Web Design, then how would you feel. Because this is a very good option to learn web designing but before that, you have to know what is this web designing?

What is Web Design?

Web designing is the process to create a website. This includes many things such as webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Often people use these two terms “web design and web development” interchangeably, while in reality web design is technically a subset of its broader category of web development.

Websites are created using a markup language called HTML. Whereas web designers build web pages using HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page. Whereas the layout of the webpage and the appearance of the elements are all typically defined using CSS (cascading style sheets). That’s why we can say that most of the websites are made with a combination of HTML and CSS, which defines how each page should appear in the browser.

What does one have to learn for web design?

You do not need to have any qualifications for web designing, any person who has a little skill and is interested in working can become a web designer. So let’s get a little information about what you have to learn for this.

  • visual design
  • UX (user experience)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing and Social Media
  • Understanding of coding software such as HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator

If you have a little understanding of the things mentioned above, then you can easily learn Web Designing.

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What is Web Design Course

Web Designing Course basically deals with the creation and maintenance of websites. All those web pages that you see in Google, Yahoo, and Mozilla Firefox are basically designed and maintained by Web-Designers.

This course is mainly focused on the core area of need which is most important for the creation of websites such as HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and CSS. Students who take these website designing courses, get to learn a lot till the end of the course, such as, how the website is created, how they are maintained, and also animations according to their need.

There is no age to learn this course, it can be learned by anyone who has a passion for computers and websites, I would say that even children can easily learn it by making it a hobby. To learn these courses, you can join any good private institutes or coaching that provide web-designing courses. You can also learn these courses online if you want. There are different levels of this course like a beginner, intermediate, expert, etc., due to which their duration varies.

What are Benefits of Web design?

Now you must be thinking that if this course is so easy then why there is a need to learn it. But understand one thing that it is easy for those people who are interested in it, otherwise it can be difficult for you too. And with this, let’s also learn about the benefits of learning Web Designing Courses.

1. You can save money doing marketing

As we all know that in today’s time everyone needs a website. Now the website has become like an online identity. If you do not know how to make a website, then you may have to hire a web design professional for this, for which you may have to spend a lot. At the same time, it may have to spend a lot in maintaining or updating it with it. In such a situation, if you only know about it, then you can do it yourself, which can save your money.

2. Enjoy Your Creative Side

The meaning of web design is to create the best creative design. It gives you an opportunity so that you can create very beautiful and functional designs from your computer itself. If you want to further enhance your creative side and also want to earn money from it, then there is no better option than Web Designing.

So in today’s time if you have the skill of website designing then you can definitely earn from somewhere, there is no doubt about it.

3. Learn a Marketable Skill

There is also the truth that web designers can earn a lot of money if they want. Whether you are starting a new career, or doing a new business, or freelancing, you can earn a lot from everyone else. It not only helps you in your work but it can also become a profession for many people if they want to do it professionally.

Web Designer Job Description

The main job of a web designer is to create, code and develop web pages and associated apps. They do this work either for any person or for companies. They often work with their clients in which they provide them with information about the technical and graphical aspects in relation to the website and application. Some web designers continue to provide support to their clients even after the project of creating a website is over.

Web designers have to be thoroughly familiar with Internet technology and they should have knowledge of coding skills along with good computer programming. They should understand how networks function and their attention should also be in detail. The arrival of bugs or errors in the website is a common thing and it is a frequent task, so a web designer must have problem-solving skills so that he can solve the problems arising from time to time.

Apart from this, they should also have time management skills so that they can submit their projects before deadlines. Having better customer relations skills and patience is beneficial for you as well as your clients. Good verbal and written communication with all these will definitely help you to move ahead in your profession.

Web designers should know one or more computer coding languages, and should also know some graphic design skills. With this, you can get better projects when the time comes and also prepare your portfolio for it.

What are the Tasks of Web Designer

If you do not know what are the tasks of Web Designers, then you must read the information given below, so that you will get to know about their tasks.

  • His job is to conceptualize, create, develop, design and produce web promotions, for this he has to use graphics design software.
  • They have to prepare a creative look for each assigned promotion project, along with its layout from the given things.
  • Along with this it is always to be ensured that the creative elements are inline as per the brand requirements.

In this, we understand that the work of Web Designers is creative, and if you are interested in such creative work then you must definitely choose this profession for yourself because by doing this you will not feel like any other work but a hobby will look similar to.

Web Designer Salary

The salary of a web designer in India depends on his experience and skill. The salary to a web designer depends on his years of experience. Where Freshers Web Designer gets Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- Monthly while an Experienced Web Designer gets monthly Rs. 30,000 to Rs.40,000/- around.

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