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Operating System by Achyut Godbole

Download Operating System by Achyut Godbole free ebook in pdf form

Operating System by Achyut Godbole

Operating System by Achyut Godbole :

Author : Achyut Godbole, Atul Kahate

Publisher : McGraw hill Education

Language : English

Pages : 688

About The Author :

Operating System by Achyut Godbole – Achyut Godbole (born 15 August 1950) is a polymath, humanitarian, socialist personality residing in Mumbai, India. He was born in Solapur, Maharashtra, India. After a successful career as a CEO of Patni Computer Systems and few more leading IT firms in 1980 and 1990s he moved to writing. He was at the position CEO for almost 23 years in his career in management. He is a prolific writer in all genres and has produced numerous original works as well as adaptations of works from other languages into Marathi. His writing style is informative and yet very informal.

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About This Book :

This book aims to demystify the subject using a simplified step-wise approach of going from the basic fundamentals concepts to advanced concepts. The approach, combined with the numerous illustrations and other pedagogical features of the book, makes it an invaluable resource for the students. This Book tries to explain the subjects in a step by step fashion so that just about anybody with logical thinking capability can understand it. This is done without sacrificing the rigour and accuracy.

Note :
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