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One Arranged Murder

One Arranged Murder

One Arranged Murder pdf

  • Title One Arranged Murder
  • Author(s) Chetan Bhagat 
  • Publisher:  Westland (8 October 2020)
  • Pages: 312 pages
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date: 28 September 2020

One Arranged Murder Book Review

In this period of media-saturated coverage of a Bollywood star’s murder, Chetan Bhagat’s thriller One Arranged Murder seems appropriate (no-longer-a-murder). The possibility of violent death, as philosopher William James observed over a century ago, is the soul of all romance. This is important to remember while considering what it is about the brutal killing of children that attracts readers, viewers, and citizens to become shameless voyeurs.

This is the psychology that Bhagat explores in his latest thriller, which is a continuation of his trilogy that began with The Girl in Room 105. Bhagat’s premise in One Arranged Murder centres around a young, professional woman (Prerna) and her untimely death after a fall from her three-story house’s terrace. It does not appear to be suicide, and the huge joint family surrounding her has a number of persons that emerge as primary suspects at various points throughout the narrative, despite the multiple turns and twists.

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The book progresses forward by leading the reader to suspect one character, then revealing why that character could not have committed the crime and why suspicion must therefore rest on another. Prerna’s fiancĂ© Saurabh and his close buddy Keshav, who you may recognize from Bhagat’s previous book, conduct the inquiry. Because the two friends are amateur sleuths who have previously assisted the police on countless occasions, the police allow them to launch a parallel investigation (this premise is not the most credible one in the book).


The domestic staff (and their social sphere) are understandably among the first suspects in the story, which relies on those basic fears of class and family to propel the reader along. Bhagat, on the other hand, does not excel at portraying this social level, and he is more at ease as one climbs the class ladder of suspicion and guilt.

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