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Network Security:Private Communication by Charlie Kaufman

Download Network Security:Private Communication by Charlie Kaufman free ebook in pdf form

Network Security:Private Communication by Charlie Kaufman

Network Security:Private Communication by Charlie Kaufman :

Author : Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike speciner

Publisher : Pearson Education

Language : English

Pages : 672

About The Author :

Network Security:Private Communication by Charlie KaufmanCHARLIE KAUFMAN is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, where he is Chief Security Architect for Lotus Notes and Domino. Previously, he was the Network Security Architect at Digital Equipment Corporation. He chaired the IETF’s Web Transaction Security working group and currently serves on the IAB, the IETF’s architecture board.

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RADIA PERLMAN, Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, is known worldwide for her contributions to bridging (spanning tree algorithm) and routing (link state routing) as well as security (sabotage-proof networks). Perlman is the author of Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols, and she is one of the 25 people whose work has most influenced the networking industry, according to Data Communications magazine.

About This Book :

In the second edition, the authors draw on their considerable experience to illuminate all facets of information security, from the basics to advanced cryptography and authentication; secure Web and email services and emerging security standards. The authors go far beyond documenting standards and technology: They contrast competing schemes, explain strengths and weaknesses and identify the crucial errors most likely to compromise secure systems.

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