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Microwave Engineering by David Pozar

 Microwave Engineering by David Pozar

Microwave Engineering by David Pozar :

Author : David M. Pozar

Publisher : Wiley

Pages : 756

Language : English 

ISBN-10 : 8126541903

ISBN-13 : 978-8126541904

About The Author :

Microwave Engineering by David Pozar – David Pozar is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has received several awards for his teaching and for his research, including the IEEE Third Millennium Award. Dr. Pauser is acknowledged as a leading figure in microwave and RF circuit design research.

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About This Book :

Poser’s new version of microwave engineering includes more material on active circuits, noise, non-impact effects, and wireless systems. Chapters on noise and nonlinear distortion, and active devices have been associated with increased coverage of noise and more material on intermodulation distortion and related nonlinear effects. On active devices, there is more updated material on bipolar junction and field effect transistors.

Features of this Book :

  • Complete analysis and development based on fundamental principles. Students develop an understanding of core concepts and learn that the operation of microwave circuits and devices can be explained through the use of circuit theory, Maxwell’s equations, and related fundamentals. See Wilkinson Divider Operations Derived from Basic Circuit and Transmission Line Theory.
  • Several examples cover both theory and design. Students can see how specific problems are solved, how practical designs are performed, and how component designs perform. The availability of realistic and complete examples reinforces the content. See Example 7.7 which includes the design of a coupled line coupler on a harmless substrate. The design process is illustrated, and the coupler’s response is obtained using a CAD package.
  • Several problems cover both theory and design. The problems test the student’s understanding of the material and provide an opportunity for in-depth design and analysis of practical components. Problems provide students with real-life design practice with quick response to CAD tools to evaluate their work.
  • Answers to selected problems allow students to test themselves on their understanding of the material. The instructor may solve or modify problems for additional problems for use in examinations, or without answers. About 25% of the problems have answers.

Table of Content :

Chapter 1. Electromagnetic Theory

Chapter 2. Transmission Line Theory

Chapter 3. Transmission Lines and Waveguides

Chapter 4. Microwave Network Analysis

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Chapter 5. Impedance Matching and Tuning

Chapter 6. Microwave Resonators

Chapter 7. Power Dividers and Directional Couplers

Chapter 8. Microwave Filters

Chapter 9. Theory and Design of Ferromagnetic Components

Chapter 10. Noise and Active RF Components

Chapter 11. Microwave Amplifier Design. Active RF and Microwave Devices

Chapter 12. Oscillators and Mixers Microwave Amplifier Design

Chapter 13. Introduction to Microwave Systems Oscillators and Mixers

Chapter 14: Introduction to Microwave Systems

Appendix A. Prefixes

Appendix B. Vector Analysis

Appendix C. Bessel Functions

Appendix D. Other Mathematical Results

Appendix E. Physical Constants

Appendix F. Conductivities for Some Materials

Appendix G. Dielectric Constants and Loss Tangents for Some Materials

Appendix H. Properties of Some Microwave Ferrite Materials

Appendix I. Standard Rectangular Waveguide Data

Appendix J. Standard Coaxial Cable Data

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