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Microwave Devices and Circuits by Liao

 Microwave Devices and Circuits by Liao

Microwave Devices and Circuits by Liao :

Author : Samuel Liao

Publisher : Pearson Education India

Pages : 564

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 8177583530

ISBN-13 : 978-8177583533

About The Author :

Microwave Devices and Circuits by Liao – This Book was written by Samuel Liao in 2003. The author of this book user very simple and easy language to understand the difficult concepts.

About This Book : 

An ideal text and a ready reference on the latest in microwave electronic technology, this book provides a unified presentation of microwave solid-state devices, microwave tubes and microwave circuits. This Third Edition has been extensively revised to better reflect modern advances in microwave technology. The text is ideal for microwaves or microwave engineering physical electronics microwave electronics courses.

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Table of Content :

Chapter 0: Introduction

Chapter 1: Interactions between electrons and field

Chapter 2: Electromagnetic Plane Waves

Chapter 3: Microwave transmission lines

Chapter 4: Microwave Waveguides and Components

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Chapter 5: Microwave Transistors and tunnel Boards

Chapter 6: Microwave Field-effect Transistors

Chapter 7: Transferred Electrons Devices

Chapter 8: Avalanche Transit-time Devices

Chapter 9: Microwave Linear Beam Tubes

Chapter 10: Microwave Crossed Field Tubes

Chapter 11: Strip Lines

Chapter 12: Monolithic microwave integrated Circuit

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