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IoT Case Study

Do you know what is the Internet of Things (IoT Case Study)? Perhaps you must have used IoT at some point or the other, or are using it now. So don’t worry how can this happen. The Smartphone you are using is an IOT Device if it is connected to the Internet, or your Digital Watch can also be an IoT Device.

This means that whatever device is connected to the Internet, is an IoT device. It is believed that IOT will make life simpler and easier. It is called the Technology of the Future because IoT is used very rarely now. But in the coming time, it can bring huge changes in the world of technology. So in today’s article, we will know what is the Internet of Things(IoT Case Study) and how is it useful for us?

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What is Internet of Things:

“Internet of Things or IOT means such devices which are connected to the Internet, they are called the Internet of Things”. This is a very large network of machines or electric devices that are connected to the Internet. Now it can be anything like a Smartphone or any Wearable Device. Big tech companies are engaged in making many types of IoT devices used in daily life because they know that the future is of these devices.

Things connected to the Internet, work automatically and they can be controlled from anywhere because the Internet is present almost everywhere. For example, if you have a Smart House and a Smart Light Bulb is installed in it, then you can turn it on / off from anywhere with the help of your Smartphone or Computer. Similarly, if you use a fitness band and it is connected to the Internet, then you can access its data from anywhere.

Well, the era of IoT has started, today we use many types of IoT devices. Like Fitness Band, Smart Watch, Bulb, Fan, etc. But they do not come in that Affordable Price right now and it may happen that there may be some decrease in their price.

History of IoT

Creating a smart network by connecting smart devices was started at Carnegie Mellon University in 1982. A Coke Vending Machine was made in this university which could tell about the bottles kept inside the machine whether it is cold or not and was also capable of giving stock information.

However, the father of the term Internet of Things is considered to be the honorable Kevin Ashton who worked at Procter & Gambler (later worked at MIT’s Auto-ID Center). He actually used the word Internet for Things in 1999. The Internet of Things was formed from this word. For this work, he recommended RFID – Radio-Frequency Identification technology that could provide computers with the ability to manage different devices.

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After this, till date, this smart network technology is going through the development phase and in the future, it is going to be expanded on a very wide scale. Because the Internet of Things is the technology of the future. Which contains the human ability to make the film world of science fantasy a reality.

How Internet of Things Works:

It is a networking technology that works on the basis of a network such as Wifi or the Internet. Such devices have many types of sensors, radio receivers, computer programs, etc. Any machine can be upgraded by doing computer programming, such as by using machine learning, any device can be made automatic. The similar latest technology is used in IoT so that it can work in an Advance way.

The way IOT works is that whatever data is in a device, it can be sent from one device to another through a network. Meaning data exchange happens through wireless technology. Now there are many such sensors and computer motherboards available in the market, with the help of which we can easily make an IOT device as per our wish, just you should have a little knowledge of computer and internet. Arduino is one such circuit board.

With the help of this circuit board, you can make projects in many ways. It is a kind of Hardware and Software based device. To use it, you must have knowledge of the Programming Language. You can create many types of IoT projects using Arduino.

Use of IoT in common life

The technology which can be used for the betterment of human life, that technology is considered successful. That’s why the Internet of Things is also yet to go through this test, the exam is going on. Under which, at present, Internet of Things technology is being used extensively from homes to factories, technology companies, agencies, governments, etc.

Mainly this technique is being used in the following fields.

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Consumer Applications

1. Use of IoT in Manufacturing

This technology has been named Industrial IoT (IIoT). The use of Internet of Things technology and machine-to-machine communication is being used for product demand, features, energy management, plant safety, the health of employees, automation of construction work, etc.

In this, techniques like industrial big data analytics and cyber-physical systems are further resorted to. So that accurate decisions and predictions can be made.

2. Use of IoT in Transportation

This technology has the potential to bring a new revolution in the transportation sector. It is capable of developing a fully automated transportation system with machine learning technology. By which the transportation system of a city can be automated. Traffic lights, speed, speed at zebra crossing, tracking of vehicles etc. is possible.

  • smart traffic system
  • smart parking
  • Electronic Toll Control System
  • vehicle control

Etc work is possible through Internet of Things. The position of a cargo truck can be easily tracked with Global Positioning System (GPS) to find out its current status (delay, theft etc.). And he can also be given necessary instructions through wireless.

Similarly, speed limits and necessary safety tips can be given at an intersection, at zebra crossings, at curves, on bridges and valleys and further traffic conditions can also be given. If a driver crosses the speed limit, it is also possible to detect it immediately.

Use of IoT in Medical & Healthcare

Internet of Medical Things also known as Internet of Health Things. It is a system that emphasizes on connecting healthcare-related devices and humans to the IoT system. Through this system, smart operation theatres, smart beds (which collect information about the patient’s rise and pressure, etc.), smart diagnostic devices which are capable of self-testing and giving suitable instructions. are being developed and the entire medical field is being transformed into a digitized healthcare system.

Smart wearable health devices can count your steps, track your heartbeat, check your blood pressure and generate a daily health report based on all these data. And by detecting a particular pattern, one can detect the disease or symptoms that may emerge in the future.

Use of IoT in the Automotive Sector

This technology has been demonstrated by Testa by making a smart car. Tesla’s driverless car can reach its destination safely, that too by following all the traffic rules. Many companies are investing in this area and are focusing on making smart vehicles.

This technology can be very helpful in the public transport system. Also, the data received for vehicle manufacturers will also play an important role in product improvement.

Use of IoT in Consumer Applications

This area includes the manufacturing of smart items that we use every day. This technology has been named Internet of Wearable Things (IoWT). Which is being used to make smart home.

A smart home can turn on the lights, fan/AC, music as soon as you come in and close the door and order the kitchen to make tea for you. If you are leaving the house, it also includes turning off the lights, switching off other electronic devices and safely locking the entire house by closing the doors of the house properly.

Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod, Samsung’s SmartThings Hub are commendable tools in this direction. Whose use and production has started.

Advantages and disadvantages of IoT

  • The first thing it will do is to save our time because the IoT device works largely in an automatic way and the data associated with it can be seen in any device.
  • For example, if you use an IP camera instead of a CCTV camera for security, then you can monitor it from anywhere or from any device.
  • Using this, medical service can be reached to distant areas and now its testing has also started in India.
  • More recently, it has been used by surgery of many people through a Robotic Surgery. Network with High Bandwidth and Low Latency was used in this process.
  • Internet of Things is now being used extensively in the field of Automobiles and now Self Driving Car is also being made.

But apart from the above advantages, some unintentional and new threats are also emerging from the Internet of Things. For instance,

  • Data theft and privacy threats
  • Anxiety about people losing work due to automation that can lead to depression and drug abuse
  • The threat of unemployment is looming
  • Cyber threats likely to increase

Future of Iot

  • According to a report of CISCO BSG 2020, there has been a phenomenal increase in the volume of IoT in a few years.
  • According to CISCO BSG, by 2025 people will be using about 80 Billion Smart Iot Device. Almost every person will have 8 to 10 Smart Objects.
  • Apart from this, not only CISCO but many big big organizations are realizing that IoT is going to bring huge change in every sector.
  • For this many companies have started making huge investments on Iot. In which Apple, Google, Tesla etc. are the leading companies making Iot Devices.
  • Among these, Tesla is a company that has already made Self Driving Cars and let’s see what is the future of Self Driving Cars, which company will do this best


Friends, I hope that you must have liked this article IoT Case Study (IoT Case Study) because I always try to give you information about anything with full detail. So even now if you have any question related to Iot then definitely comment us. I will try my best to answer it to you regarding Iot Case Study. Share this article to as many people as possible so that everyone can know about Iot Case Study. If you like such articles, then do subscribe to our blog.

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