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How to install python on mac

How to install python on mac

How to install python on mac – Today, we’re going to learn how we can install the python.

So first thing to say is that patents by default or Mac you’re not install need to install the patent

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on Mac like you have to install the bathroom windows.

But there thing.

Let me show you that one then you will understand it better.

Now first of all you see this search by here on the right corner open that one in search terminal this

terminal is like the command prompt on windows and here in the terminal you can write any program you

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can read any program.

And so you can do an any program in whatever language you are using the terminal you look like.

We have to use the Python this goes so his life by then it will open a shell for python.

He will do editing about your python program and do.

Let me also show you this one like if I like print and hello.

So here we have been Tello.

And here we have the output this index is in Python.

There’s no such statement a monitor and no light print.

And editing.

Also if I had three plus five here we have eight.

So this is the terminal.

I think you get the idea what this thing is.

Now if I want to exit this ship then I mean just write exit and dependencies.

I would get out of this one.

So now how few basic things before going on Python about this terminal that we need to use also you

can use this terminal to run any program that you will.

And you can also use this terminal invoke the discourse just use any editor and then make your program

to run in this terminal and the editor can just simply be d ideal editor in the Mac Book.

So few things here like if you want to run any program that you can or just directly write the name

of your program to on that one here like if I program first to be by posting I did not have this one

danger and sure also if there’s any program exist with this name I can just simply run that program

first I have to get to the program like if I have a folder here on the index to new folder and

let me rename this folder


And then we also write one.

So then it will be sure that this is the folder.

Now if my program is in this folder and I want to then that program.

So first I need to access this folder and then I will access the program.

So there are a few basic commands that are required to change the diapers.

These things are known as directories like I am known like if you write happy WB.

It will show your current actually.

So I mean users Dave.

So that’s my identity right now.

And if I want to change my directory so food chain directory we have a keyword CDE at Stanford.

Change directory and then you will write the folder name very want to access.

One more thing like if I have python one I can automatically access this folder first of all this is

bad mistake here.

Let me be right there.

June 10.

So again you can directly access this folder.

And that’s because this folder is on death’s door.

And now I mean users day and the next stop is within the day.

So first I need to access the desktop.

Then I will access despite Denver.

So first I need to access the c the next stop.

Now I’m in next door.

You can also check this one next to now if I want to access this one I believe in right seeding and

then right and for now I’m in Python 1 and if I check my directory here I mean I turn from so that’s

the few basic commands about entering any folder.

Now if you want to exit any folder to state seeds or book you will get one folder out like now Wyoming

next door.

And if you get a right to do it.

Sorry I do not have a space here because space is required into this space.

So see this space notebook.

Now you are out of the desktop.

And again if I check my directory I am in users Dave.

Now one more thing if you like to access it by 10 and you don’t want to use to index it then just try

to seeding first next door slash and then by 10 foot and you will likely access to by telephone.

So these are the commands for changing the directory.

Now about a program.

So first of all if you need to create a program in this folder.

how can you create a program.

So there are many options.

But by using the command prompt you have to just write.

First of all make sure you are in the exit folder like environment.

So first of all right Dutch and then your program name like first.

Don’t be white.

Now there’s nothing happen here but if you will check this folder there’s a program for us to be by.

So this is one more basic thing.

And now one more thing here.

Like if I get on the desktop and if I want to know that how many things are there so that I can choose

the proper path for my file like if I did and the folder here untitled folder and I want to know how

many photos are there on the desktop.

Come on come here.

This one wants to be there done list of these things.

So I would write the check that Alice small N S and smaller.

So here I have by 10 foot.

And this untitled folder that didn’t want to move.

So now this is one more basic thing here.


what about running the python code.

Did they come on from.

So first of all you have to write a code.

And here we have a python file.

You can edit this one with the by default editor.

That is ideal here.

So here we have this one.

The editor.

And if you notice here this file is here.

Life first or be away.

Now if you write any python program here like print and hello.

That is a basic program.

And let me also write had a word so that it would be completed in the first program.

So here we have.


First of all save this one.

And here we have C..

So I have saved this file with this being 10 to 1.

Now if I want to run the program first of all again you need to access the folder.

So here I have by turn 1.

So I’m in Python one night now.

And if I need to run that program I can actually just write first don’t be why it will show you edit

and that’s because you didn’t specify that with what language you want to run that program or what’s

the thing with the terminal can run the program.

So you have to write it because in Python and then your programming first and that don’t be right and

you will get hello world.

So that’s like terminal here.

Now we do not require this terminal for working on other programs because this will be very complex

first added here the program and then run that program here.

You can also make the files here that in the terminal and use them.

That’s what you can also check on Google because this one is not the subject of course and will do will

not focus much on this one because few in hundreds would prefer this thing.

So don’t get in this thing much more.

Now one thing here that I have told you in the beginning of video that by 10 is pre installed in every


So why we need to install the python again.

So if you write by 10 here just let me exit this one

and please the command for clearing this screen you have this trade cleared and everything will be cleared

from you.

Now what I’m showing you if I write Python here a potential will be opened here.

And if you notice in your Mac before installing the python you will find here Python to point something

is written in my Mac.

There is table in San Quentin that I have installed.

And if you can see here this is not the time that I have installed I have installed this a moment ago.

So if you’re checking your Mac you will find two point seven.

There’s a previous one ton python.

Then two point seven.

So you have to install the newer version of Python that is Python three point seven menu install that

one you will also get Python three point seven here.

So make sure you have installed de Python otherwise there will be many features that you will like that

are in Python 3 and not in Python too.

So that’s why we need to install the python on make.

Nobody is truly python.

Just go to Google and write right turn and just write Python.

That’s enough.

So go to buy tendered what you and there you will find this whole city Web full of Python no handed

downloads and you will get the option according to your vision that you are using like I’m using MapQuest.

If you are using just click on windows you’re using videos.

Now here I am using Macs so I will download for Mac.

Make sure you’re downloading by 20 points ten point three and then it will start to download here and

after the download.

Let me show you that.

Also you will get by 10 in your downloads so let me check what it is.

So here it is downloaded and then I open the folder.

So here you have to fight them to install this one in your P.C..

Just double click here and install.

We start installing this one.

So this is the interface you will get.

It’s very simple you don’t need to do anything just click on continuing.



And every and then continue.

Now here you have installed options so I have already installed this one.

So this one is for you just click install and will be installed in your computer.

Nothing more you have to do there.

It will automatically get refreshed in the terminal phase of terminal here.

It will automatically be two points down three.

So that’s the terminal here.

Now one more thing here we have a python one for you.

So if you just check the options here you have these options.

There’s no option to open the terminal in this folder you have to access this search terminal then access

the directory see the dash dash dash and then you have to go there.

What about if you can directly access this thing.

Terminal on this folder.

So for that go to this apple logo here system preferences

and in system preferences select the cable.

You just need to do it once.

It will be automatically done after that one.

So here in this one go to said this is and select new terminal at.

So your new terminal will be open on default.

That’s the only thing you need to do.

Just click on this one and then to make a rightly control plus you click on the bed then you will get

this option.

Here you have new terminal at four.

And now you are likely on that for the if you see this by 10 foot.

So if you are getting this option on file then it’s good.

And if you’re not getting then there is my extra just forget it.


Control plus your click.

That will be like this one.

Here you will find this option new terminal at four.

Also there are many things that there you can make and the change you want to.

So this is another basic about this one.

So enough for the terminal.

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