Heat and Mass Transfer Books

Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer Books:

Heat And Mass Transfer Data Book

Author: C.P. Kothandaraman

Publisher: New Age International Private Limited

Pages: 218

Heat and Mass Transfer – Fundamentals and Applications

Author: Yunus A. Cengel, Afshin J. Ghajar

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Pages: 1024

Heat Transfer by J Holman

Author: J Holman, Souvik Bhattacharyya  

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Pages: 888

Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: Adrienne S. Lavine Frank P. Incropera

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 1076 

Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: Dr. D.S. Kumar 

Publisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons

Pages: 900 

Heat and Mass Transfer

Author: P Nag 

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Pages: 816