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Engineering Mechanics of Solids

Engineering Mechanics of Solids

Mechanics Of Materials by Gere and Timoshenko:

Author: Popov E 

Publisher: Egor Pavlovich Popov 

Language: English

Pages: 888 pages

About The Author:

Engineering Mechanics of SolidsEgor Pavlovich Popov was a structural and seismic engineer who helped transform the design of buildings, structures, and civil engineering around earthquake-prone regions.

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A relative of inventor Alexander Stepanovich Popov, Egor Popov was born in Kiev, Russian Empire and after moving to America in 1927, he eventually earned a B.S. from UC Berkeley, his master’s degree from MIT and his doctorate degree from Stanford in 1946.

During his career, Popov was primarily famous for his work doing research for the University of California, Berkeley. Some of his accomplishments include: working with buckling problems for NASA in Houston, Texas, involvement with the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, assisting with pipe testing for the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, developing the Steel Moment Resisting Frame and eccentrically braced frames 

About This Book:

For civil, mechanical and aeronautical engineering courses. This book is a comprehensive, cross-referenced examination of engineering mechanics of solids. Traditional topics are supplemented by an exposure to several newly-emerging disciplines, such as the probabilistic basis for structural analysis, matrix methods and plastic limit analysis.

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The main topics covered in this book are analysis and design. Structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion and bending, including the basic concepts outlined above. significant other Topics stress and strain, joint load and Joint stress, deflection of beams and stability of columns. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cover multiple numbers in most programs Special subtopics that were removed to produce this “abridged” version. This well-organized lesson is based on review comments from several instructors Who specifically asked for a lesson to suit your semester’s needs Length course, removed with advanced content. The resulting short text, Cover, based and derived from the full of the editions of this textbook Subject required in full text with the same level of detail and rigour.

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