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Engineering Mechanics by Timoshenko

Engineering Mechanics by Timoshenko

Engineering Mechanics by Timoshenko:

Author: S. Timoshenko, D.H. Young, J.V. Rao, Sukumar Pati

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Language: English

Pages: 880

About The Author:

The book has been written by four academicians. J V Rao is associated with Dr JVR NEET Academy and Dr. TVR JEE Academy as a Director. D H Young is the Professor of Engineering Mechanics, Stanford University, USA. Sukumar Pati was formerly Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Haldia Institute of Technology Haldia, West Bengal. S Timoshenko is the Professor in Emeritus of Engineering Mechanics, Stanford University, USA.

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About this Book:

Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) (SIE) is a textbook that has been used for the last eight decades by academicians, tutors, and students and they have always praised the book due to its content and the explanation of the concepts. This fifth edition contains the original format of the book, while several new topics and concepts have been added with new educational modules. The book is a very useful and long term guide.

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The book covers detailed explanations on the Mechanics of Engineering. It explains the Statics and Dynamics mechanisms with the use of a scalar approach and the SI Units are used throughout the book. The book has explanations elaborating on the mechanisms of Friction and Kinematics. The contents of the book include Introduction, Concurrent Forces in a Plane, Force Systems in Space, Rectilinear Translation, Curvilinear Translation, Rotation of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Axis, Parallel Forces in a Plane, Principle of Virtual work, General Case of Forces in a Plane, Rotation of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Axis and Relative Motion. There are four Appendices in the book. They are namely Moments of Inertia of Plane Figures, Moments of Inertia of Material Bodies, Forced Vibrations, and Balancing of Rigid Rotors. Each of the contents is well explained and illustrated with flowcharts and diagrams. The book is descriptive which makes it easier for teachers to follow and firm up the syllabus and their teaching. The book helps the students with a clear understanding of the topics.

This fifth edition of the Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) (SIE) was published by TATA McGraw-Hill Education in 2013. It is available in paperback.

Key Features:

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  • The book has been a favourite for teachers and students for the last eight decades.
  • It has added topics and content in this fifth edition.

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