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Engineering Mechanics by andrew pytel


Engineering Mechanics by andrew pytel

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Engineering Mechanics by Timoshenko:

Author:  Andrew Pytel

Publisher: Cengage

Language: English

Pages: 1116

About The Author:

Engineering Mechanics by andrew pytel – Dr. Andrew Pytel received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, his M.S. in Engineering Mechanics, and his Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics from The Pennsylvania State University. In addition to his career at Penn State University, Dr. Pytel served as an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and as an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in Boston. He became a full Professor at The Penn State University in 1984 and a Professor Emeritus in 1995. Throughout his career, Dr. Pytel has taught numerous courses and received many honours and awards. He has participated extensively with the American Society for Engineering Education and was named a Fellow of the ASEE in 2008.

About this Book:

fully incorporated with SI units, these books teach students the basic mechanical behaviour of materials at rest (statics) and in motion (dynamics) while developing their mastery of engineering methods of analysing and solving problems. Traditionally, books for the statics and dynamics courses require students simply to plug problem data into standardised mathematical formulas and then compute an answer without thinking through the problem beforehand.

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Pytel and Kiusalaas reject this ‘plug-and-chug’ approach. In sample problems throughout the book, the authors direct students to identify the number of unknowns and independent equations in the problem before they attempt to calculate an answer. In this way, Pytel and Kiusalaas continually train students to think about how and why problems can be solved, by recognising upfront whether a problem is statically determinate, or statically indeterminate. Pytel and Kiusalaas is the only textbook that continually reinforces students’ ability to recognise determinacy and indeterminacy. Developing this ability in students is a priority for all instructors, especially in the statics course.

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