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Elements of Computer Networking by Narasimha

Download Elements of Computer Networking by Narasimha free ebook in pdf form

Elements of Computer Networking by Narasimha

Elements of Computer Networking by Narasimha :

Author : Narasimha Karumanchi

Publisher : Career Monk Publication

Language : English

Pages : 512

About The Author : 

Elements of Computer Networking by NarasimhaNarasimha Karumanchi is the founder of CareerMonk Publications and author of few books on data structures, algorithms, and design patterns. He was a software developer who has been both interviewer and interviewee over his long career. Most recently he worked for Amazon Corporation, IBM Software Labs, Mentor Graphics, and Microsoft. Narasimha holds an M.Tech. in computer science from IIT, Bombay, and B.Tech. from JNT university. He authored the following books which got translated to international languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korea and Taiwan. Also, around 58 international universities were using these books as reference for academic courses.

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About This Book :

Computer networking is an integral and dynamically expanding component of information technology. To understand the evolving trends of networking, you need to be thorough with the basic concepts of computer networking. This book, Elements Of Computer Networking: An Integrated Approach provides the resource for students of advanced graduate or undergraduate computer courses. The book places special emphasis on application-layer paradigms as well as application programming interfaces, thereby facilitating a real-time knowledge gaining process with protocols and networking concepts before going into protocol stack and more complex layers. The authors have designed the book so that it is easily grasped by students. The book has been the popular choice for students of advanced networking courses owing to the solid reputation of the authors.

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