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Electromagnetic Waves by R Shevgaonkar

 Electromagnetic Waves by R Shevgaonkar

Electromagnetic Waves by R Shevgaonkar :

Author : R K Shevgaonkar

Publisher : McGraw Hill Education

Pages : 580

Language : English 

ISBN-10 : 0070591164

ISBN-13 : 978-0070591165

About The Author :

Electromagnetic Waves by R Shevgaonkar – Dr. RK Shevgaonkar (SM) is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Pune and Professor of Electrical Engineering at IIT, Bombay. He has held various positions in IIT, Bombay such as Deputy Director, Dean of Student Affairs, Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, Head, Center for Distance Engineering Education Program. He has been a visiting professor at Lincoln University, USA, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland and ISEP, France. Dr. Shevgaonkar has been an active researcher in the field of optical communication, image processing, antennas, microwaves, radio astronomy etc. He is the author of more than 150 journals and two books in international journals and conferences, namely electromagnetic waves and transmission lines for electrodynamics. Engineer with McGraw Hill Education India. He has developed video and web lectures on transmission lines and electromagnetic waves and fiber optic communications. He is the recipient of the IEEE UG Teaching Award 2011 and the IETE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Optical Communication.

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About This Book :

This book is aimed at the undergraduate course on Electromagnetic Waves. It follows a unique approach of explaining the concepts with regards to their modern applications while maintaining the focus on the underlying mathematics. Electromagnetism is the most pervasive force that exists in nature. Electromagnetic field theory is the study of characteristics of electric, magnetic and combined fields. The book is designed specifically to cater the needs of fourth semester students of B.Tech. In Electronics and communications engineering. Simple, easy-to-understand and difficult-jargon-free text elucidates the fundamentals of the subject area and makes it a lasting resource for the students.

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