Digital Signatures :

  • A quick explanation of a digital signature is an encrypted hash.
  • With that said, we can review our situation so far: – To ensure that only certain people can read our data, we can encrypt the data. — Otherwise —
      • 1) To ensure that plaintext data hasn’t been tampered with, we generate a message digest.
      • 2) To ensure that the message hasn’t been replaced, we will encrypt the message digest (which is a digital signature).
  • A digital signature gives us two things:
      • 1) Validation that the data has not been tampered with.
      • 2) Proof that the data received is in fact from the expected sender.
  • When a message digest is encrypted using a sender’s private key (this prevents tampering), the receiver can decrypt the digest using the sender’s public key (this is proof of the sender’s identity).
  • The following is a diagram of how a digital signature is used:

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