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Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?
Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

If you love technology and all things computer-related, then computer science or computer engineering degree may be right for you. But what is the difference and similarities between the two subjects? In this article, we will discuss how these two fields differ, and one will determine the correct career path for themselves given the overlap between the two regions.

What is Computer Science ?

Generally, computer science is the study of both computer technology and software. Computer science students learn to build computer systems, and solve problems on computers and other electronic technologies using data storage and processing. How data and instructions are processed, stored, communicated by computing devices is studied.

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A modern descendant of applied mathematics and electrical engineering, algorithms for computer science data processing, symbolic representation of data and instructions, design of instruction languages ​​for processing data, techniques for writing software. For example: which processes data on various computing platforms, Is related to Protocols for communicating data reliably and securely over the network, organization of data in databases of various types and scales, simulation of human intelligence and learning through computer algorithms, data in large databases to support security of trends Statistical modelling of. Authenticity of content and data.

What is Computer Engineering ?

Computer engineering focuses on how to manufacture devices. Computer scientists are responsible for building electrical and software. It also includes engineers who write firmware specifically for embedded microcontrollers, design and develop analog sensors, design very large-scale integration chips, and make plans for mixed- and single-circuit boards.

Computer engineers take that computational principle and apply it to real life. It refers to the study that integrates electronic engineering with computer science to design and develop computer systems and other technological devices. If computer science is in code, then in abstraction, computer engineering is often in the lab. It involves designing and prototyping small circuits and processing units that combine the hardware components of a computer. In other words, it is a discipline that functions in semiconductor, microarchitecture, computer equipment, manufacturing, and other similar high-tech industries that typically do not exist in developing communities.

What are the Similarities between Computer Science and Computer Engineering :

  1. Firstly, we will study the internal working of computers in both the courses.
  2. We study about the hardware and software aspects of computer system in both the courses.
  3. We study the use of digital computers as a tool that makes modern technology highly viable in both courses.
  4. We will learn how to solve problems using advance computing technology in both the courses.
  5. There is a recommendation of very good mathematical skills in both the courses.

Difference between computer science and computer engineering studies:

As we know that these two are very similar branches of engineering and almost we may be confused between them. With the above similarities, there is a difference in theory and also in practical applications, Which is important to build a strong knowledge base for a range of IT careers. We can simply elaborate on these branches as computer science mainly focus on software rather computer engineering mainly focus on hardware components.

Following are the core subjects of both the branches :

Computer engineeringComputer Science
Electronic Circuit DesignAdvanced Software Development
Principles of Modern PhysicsData Structures and Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsComputational Problem-Solving
Essential Software DevelopmentAdvanced Mathematics inc.
Calculus, Logic, Probability and Algebra
Computer Architecture and DesignOperating System (OS) Design
Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)User Interface/Experience
(UI/UX) Design
Embedded Computer System DesignHuman-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Microprocessor Design & InterfacingData Security/Defensive Programming
Digital Signal Processing

Subjects that you study in both the branches are :

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Calculus 1
  • Calculus 2
  • Calculus 3
  • Differential and Linear Algebra

Real Life example To clarify these two branches :

Let us take an example of your mobile phone, lots of Engineers have put in work to design that phone. Computer Engineers worked on the circuit chips, the memory, the microprocessor and controls. Whereas computer scientists would write the operating system or iOS for the iPhone users. They did write the code for the applications and come up with the best Encryption to secure our sensitive information. This could also apply to video games too, where computer scientists would program the players movement and all the physics of the game, while computer engineers would make the hardware.

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What are the available career paths for these two fields :

Not only do these career paths boast attractive salaries and steady job growth, but pursuing degrees in both fields can pave the way for many different career options. So following are the best career options that you will adopt after completing your bachelor or masters degree in both the Branches.

Computer EngineeringComputer Science
Electrical EngineerSoftware Engineer
Computer Hardware
Mobile App Developer
Electronics ArchitectUI/UX Designer
Mechanical EngineerWed Designer
Microchip ArchitectComputer Scientist
Quality Control EngineerData Scientist
Mobile Device EngineerSystems Analyst

There is a high demand for computer science and computer engineering jobs globally, so by building a strong knowledge in the field through your degree and experience, you can stand out from the crowd as an influential potential employer.

Difference between the average salaries of both fields:

Salaries for both computer scientists and computer engineers are also highly attractive to prospective professionals. Both these fields are very vast and you can get a job very easily in these fields. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, On average, computer scientists can earn $ 118,370 per year and computer engineers can earn $ 114,600 per year.

The VR / AR industry is projected to be a $ 9.9 billion sector by 2022 and has seen a 93 per-cent increase in job demand over the past year. Virtual reality is not just a glorified gaming system, but is instead revolutionizing healthcare, architecture, military and defence and education. Any degree in both computer science or engineering will be valuable for those wanting to get into this industry.


Graduates at an all-time high for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with pay and staff demands, prospective students of two giant majors that should be familiar with computer science and computer engineering.

  • Computer Science is an engineering branch which mainly focuses on software, programming languages, etc.
  • Computer Engineering is also an engineering branch which mainly focus on hardware.
  • There are also many similarities in between both the engineering fields.
  • By building a strong knowledge in the field through your degree and experience, you can stand out from the crowd as an influential potential employer.
  • Salaries for both computer scientists and computer engineers are also highly attractive to prospective professionals.

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