Data Structure and Problem solving with c++

Download Algorithm, Data Structure and Problem Solving with C++ By Mark Allen Weiss Free Book PDF

Data Structure and Problem solving with c++

Data Structure and Problem Solving with C++ By Mark Allen Weiss 

Author : Mark Allen Weiss

Publication : Addison Wesley Publishing Company

Language : English

About The Author:

Data Structure and Problem solving with c++ – Mark Allen Weiss is a Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International University in Miami Florida. He also serves as Interim Founding Director of the School of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering Education (SUCCEED) having previously served for nine years as Associate Director of the School of Computing and Information Sciences.

About this book:

Data Structures and Problem Solving Using C++ provides a practical introduction to data structures and algorithms from the viewpoint of abstract thinking and problem solving, as well as the use of C++. It is a complete revision of Weissi successful CS2 book Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++. The most unique aspect of this text is the clear separation of the interface and implementation. C++ allows the programmer to write the interface and implementation separately, to place them in separate files and compile separately, and to hide the implementation details. This book goes a step further: the interface and implementation are discussed in separate parts of the book.


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