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Data Communicating and Networking by Forouzan

Download Data Communicating and Networking by Forouzan free ebook in pdf form

Data Communicating and Networking by Forouzan

Data Communicating and Networking by Forouzan :

Author : Behroz A. Forouzan

Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill

Language : English

Pages : 1264

About the Author :

Data Communicating and Networking by Forouzan – Behrouz A. Forouzan, a Pakistani writer (born 9th May 1944) is an emeritus professor of the Computer Information Systems department of Deanza College. He has written many textbooks about computer science networking, programming and databases. He was graduated from the University of California, Irvine. He is best known for his numerous books on networking, programming and databases. Some of his popular works include TCP/IP Protocol Suite, Data Structures: A Pseudocode Approach With C, and Local Area Networks.

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About This Book :

Data Communications And Networking (SIE) by Behrouz Forouzan is a comprehensive reference book for students pursuing their courses on networking. With detailed accounts on the data transmission protocols and networking, the book is useful for various engineering courses in communication, computer science, and IT. Further, the book also finds usage as a preparatory material for the various other technology-related courses too. This book starts with a detailed account on network models, thus providing the user with an ideal introduction on data transmission. The protocols and standards, as well as the physical structures of the networks, are also discussed extensively here.

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