Key Management in Java

Key Management: Another consideration is protecting your keys and certificates. If someone stole your keys and/or your certificates, this would be a serious risk to the entire security cycle. Having your private keys and certificates/public keys stolen allows thieves to impersonate you and thus, compromising your data integrity, authentication and possibly even authorization. Key management…

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Session Key Systems in Java

Hybrid/Session Key Systems: When we compare symmetric and asymmetric encryption, here’s essentially what we come up with: Symmetric encryption is faster but less secure Asymmetric encryption is slower but more secure To get the best of both worlds, we introduce a Session key system (also known as a hybrid system). Hybrid systems use both symmetric…

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Encryption in java

Cryptography Cryptography – methods and means used to protect information by changing it into an unreadable format. Cryptography is the general term that encompasses the hiding of data – typically done through encryption or encoding. Encoding simply rewrites data in another format Encryption uses a predetermined key to rewrite messages. Encryption and encoding can be…

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Scope in Java

As seen in the code examined so far, variables and methods have a certain range in which they exist and where they can be accessed. The concept here is known as scope. There are different levels of scope. Scope pertains to where data exists (to which context it belongs). Scope can most easily be identified…

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