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Case Study on Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization? Case Study on Data Visualization – Data visualization is the process of converting information into a visual representation, such as a map or graph, in order to make data easier to comprehend and extract insights from. Data visualization’s major purpose is to make it easier to spot patterns, trends, and outliers …

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Case Study on Digital Signature

We have a lot of information inside the digital signature like email, address, name and authentication key, etc., it is more secure than normal signatures. A signature on paper can be copied easily but a duplicate of a digital signature cannot be generated easily. With the help of a digital signature, we are able to identify whether the document is correct or not and if it has come from an unknown name, then who has sent it.

IoT Case Study

Do you know what is the Internet of Things (IoT Case Study)? Perhaps you must have used IoT at some point or the other, or are using it now. So don’t worry how can this happen. The Smartphone you are using is an IOT Device if it is connected to the Internet, or your Digital …

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Case Study Ecommerce

You must have heard about Amazon or Flipkart which are E-commerce websites but have you ever wondered what is E-commerce? (Case Study Ecommerce) or what is the meaning of this word, how it works and what are its advantages and disadvantages etc? Of course, online business is very popular these days but despite it being …

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Web design Case Study

Web design Case Study – Web Designing is the way with the help of which you improve the design of your website. In the present Internet era, if you do not have an online identity, then no one may know you. In such a situation, having a website of yours acts as an online identity …

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Mesothelioma Case Study

Mesothelioma Case Study – Mesothelioma is a malignant growth or cancer affecting the membrane of the lung surface or inner chest wall. Although there appear to be other causes of this disease, there is a significant association between it and exposure to asbestos, especially crocidolite. Although in some recorded cases this exposure has been considerable, in others it …

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Google Case Study

Google Case Study – How Google started, grew and became a $279 billion company. The Google company came about in 1998 and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to market the world’s most used search engine, Google Search, based on the web. The specialty of the American multinational company includes all Internet-related services …

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Airbnb case study pdf

Airbnb case study pdf

Airbnb case Study pdf – People love Airbnb because it’s cheaper and it provides a lot of different kinds of housing offers that fit the needs of all kinds of travelers. You are not limited to hotel rooms anymore now, whether you’re alone or a family of six you can find a unique place that …

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Amazon Case Study

Amazon Case Study

Hi everyone, As you will already know, that Amazon is that the largest e-commerce company in the world. But, what a number of you would possibly not know, is that Amazon started as a web book retailer, in 1995 by founder Jeff Bezos, in his home in Washington, USA. What started as a little online …

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