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Case Study on Digital Signature

What is Digital Signature?

Hello friends, if you have done document-related work on a lot of computers or have used MS Office, then you must have heard about Digital Signature, it is a very important thing and if you keep doing documents-related work often then this is a very important thing for you. If you want to know about Case Study on Digital SIgnature, then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will talk about what is Digital Signature, Case Study on Digital Signature? Why it is used and how it works, so without wasting time let’s move towards these questions.

What is Digital Signature?

Friends, technology is spreading very fast in the world and with this many of our work is becoming digital, whether it is sending an email or typing any document on the computer, technology is fast making a place in our life nowadays. We do many things only through technology and it would not be wrong to say that we spend most of our time with technology, whether it is doing important office work through a computer or chatting with our friends on Facebook. But not only this, nowadays we keep our very important work like important documents or important files in the hands of technology i.e. in our mobile or computer and also share it using the internet when needed.

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But in such a situation, many things about security also come in front of us because on the Internet, anyone can send any document by hiding his identity by making an ID in anyone’s name and all these things can also create big problems and false misunderstandings can also be created. It is very easy to copy any document through the computer and to edit any document, to avoid all these things, a very special thing comes out which we call digital signature.

As you can understand from its name that it is a type of signature, just like we use our signature for authentication on paper documents, in the same way, we use Digital Signature for authentication on digital documents. It has become an essential thing for digital documents and it is considered legal as well. The digital signature is also legally as important as our normal signature.

We have a lot of information inside the digital signature like email, address, name and authentication key, etc., it is more secure than normal signatures. A signature on paper can be copied easily but a duplicate of a digital signature cannot be generated easily. With the help of a digital signature, we are able to identify whether the document is correct or not and if it has come from an unknown name, then who has sent it.

The digital signature is also fully valid officially, it has been passed according to the Information Technology Act 2000, And under Information Technology, only a licensed certified person can issue it. Every digital signature also has an expiry date i.e. there is a specific time to install every digital signature.

How does this signature work?

Digital signature is sometimes also called electronic signature because it comes under electronic signature but not every electronic signature is digital signature. Digital signature is unique for each signer, just like signatures made by hand. They work on a specific protocol (PKI) which means Public Key Infrastructure. Digital signature provider generates two numbers or two keys through a special mathematical algorithm using this interface.

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One of which is the public key and the other is the private key. When a signer digitally signs a document, that signature is done using a private key which is kept secretly with the signer.

Whenever a document is signed, while using the private key, another data is generated by the mathematical algorithm, which is called Hash and this hash data is encrypted and attached to the document. Along with this Hash data, many other types of information like when the document was edited, its time and the name of the edited person, email etc. are also attached. So that even if the document is edited somewhere in between, the digital signature will remain invalid. After this the document is ready to be sent or distributed anywhere.

Now as soon as the sender sends that document to someone, the receiver will have to use the Hash function on that document. But if this document is opened in a capable program like MS Office, then they decrypt Automatic Hash. After that a new hash is generated, on the basis of the automatic document which is matched with the decrypted hash and it is seen whether the document was edited somewhere in between.

Advantages of Digital Signature:

  • Authentication – The biggest advantage of digital signature is that with the help of this any document can be authenticated and it can be found out who this document is and whether it is right or wrong.
  • Because digital signatures are unique, then if someone makes a digital signature once, then after that he cannot deny that thing.
  • In preventing the access of wrong information – If someone does something wrong by editing it later on signing the document, then in such a situation the digital signature is not valid and wrong information can be avoided.
  • By sending documents digitally, you can reduce the use of ink and paper, which will save both environment and cost.

How to make your Digital Signature?

If you also want to share your documents by digitally signing? Do you also want your documents to be authenticated by other people or simply say, do you also want to get digital signature, if yes, then for this you have to keep some important things in mind which is something like this.

  • To obtain a digital signature, you will first need a digital certificate, provided by the Certificate Authority. CA is a person who is licensed under the Information Technology Act to provide a digital certificate and signature. CA generates a digital certificate and provides it to you by creating a digital signature from it.
  • If you use MS Office and you just want to generate a Personal Digital Signature, then you have to go to the link given – click here.

Uses of Digital Signature

The use of digital signature is no longer limited, it is used in many places, some examples of which are as follows –

  • In sending necessary information or documents.
  • Income tax and its related online form to fill.
  • In verifying the documents.
  • For e-signing of the contract.

Friends, I hope that Case Study on Digital Signature given to you by me? Would have liked this information about this and what is Digital Signature? And where and where it is used, you must have got information about this, now if you think that this post(Case Study on Digital Signature) can be useful to you friends, then definitely share it with them too so that they also get to know something about it and if If you want more information like this, then definitely follow us on our social media accounts so that you can get our latest posts first.

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