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400 Days By Chetan Bhagat pdf

400 Days By Chetan Bhagat pdf

Details of 400 days

  • Title 400 Days
  • Author(s) Chetan Bhagat 
  • Publisher:  Westland (8 October 2021)
  • Pages: 344
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Publish Date: 17th September 2021


400 Days By Chetan Bhagat pdf – Chetan Bhagat’s 400 Days is the third book featuring the duo of Keshav and Saurabh; the first was the girl in room 105, and the second was an arranged murder. So 400 Days is a brand new suspense thriller that can be read on its own without having to read the prior two volumes in order to comprehend the tale.

‘400 Days’ tells the story of Alia, a mother who is motivated to recover her lost kid despite her failing marriage and desire for independence. Alia’s neighbour and detective agency owner, Keshav Rajpurohit, assists her in her search.

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This book, which deliberately avoids the romance genre, is a thriller that the author decided to create in order to broaden his horizons and “reinvent” himself as a writer. Chetan also revealed that when creating the character of a young, ambitious child who oscillates between self-sufficiency and self-doubt, he saw a lot of himself. Chetan told Nandini that while he finds pieces of himself in all of his characters, Keshav is the one in whom he sees the most of himself.

“As you gain expertise in writing, you learn how to create characters that are based on you but that the reader cannot know,” Chetan explained.

Nandini praised the protagonist for not fitting into any categories as a married lady and a mother and for remaining her own person throughout the story. Motherhood was also discussed, as well as the expectations that strive to apotheosize mothers rather than humanize them and allow them to survive as individuals.

“I am sad that this point even needs to be made, but I believe popular culture does push this glossy picture and that becomes the standard; the weight of motherhood,” Nandini, who is a mother and has been chastised for not fitting into society’s ideal mother, said.

Another prominent issue in the book is adultery, which Chetan wanted to portray as a grey area rather than the sin it has always been regarded as. He stressed emphatically that he did not intend to endorse or excuse it in any way, but rather to try to comprehend it as a product of circumstances.

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The author concluded the discussion by giving reading suggestions to the younger generation. Reading, which is an important activity for keeping the mind and imagination fresh and running, is slowly being supplanted by social media, which promises quick dopamine in exchange for a few seconds of content, as Chetan pointed out.

Conclusion – 400 Days By Chetan Bhagat pdf

“You’ve read a hundred books in five years, while others have watched a million reels.” A reel is forgotten, but a good book is remembered. Isn’t it?” he said finally.

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