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Mechanical Engineering is a very broad major that can be broken up into different sub-fields or concentrations schools will differ by how they label them for the most common ones are mechatronics HVAC and manufacturing there are many others but some schools just call all of them the general concentration and many actually split them up into specific named concentrations like automotive dynamics and Controls mechanics of materials thermal fluids aerospace applications.


Mechatronics is a natural stage in the evolutionary process of modern engineering design the development of the computer and then the micro computer embedded computers software advances made mechatronics an imperative in the latter part of the 20th century.

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Mechatronics is a composed of Mecha from mechanism until Ronix from electronics in other words technology is and developed products will be incorporating electronics more and more into mechanisms intimately and organically and making it impossible to tell where one ends.

The other begins another definition was presented by “Hashima Dhamma” and “Fuu cada” in 1996, According to them, “Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of industrial products and processes.”

“Shetty” and “Coke” in 1997, Define “Mechatronics as methodology used for the optimal design of eletro-mechanical products.”

“Auslander” and “Kim” suggested “Mechatronics as application of complex decision making to the operation physical systems”.

“W Bolton” define “The mechatronics as not just a marriage of electrical and mechanical systems and is more than just a control system it is a complete integration of all of them.”

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The study of mechatronics systems can be divided into the following areas of specialty

  • Physical systems modeling 
  •  Sensors and actuators
  • Signals and Systems 
  • Computers and Logic Systems 
  • Software and Data Acquisitio

as the field of mechatronics continues to mature the list of relevant topics associated with the area will most certainly expand and evolve mechatronics engineers can work with electronics and mechanical systems together and solve problems that cross discipline  boundaries the list also includes electro-mechanical components computer science mechanical components electronics.

Electronics Software:-

Electronics Software for mechanical components mechatronic engineering is the engineering discipline concerned with the research design implementation and maintenance of intelligent engineered products industrial scope of mechatronics some of the expert areas which mechatronics engineers can utilize artificial intelligence control system data communications and networks dynamics of machines and mechanisms human machine interface engineering 

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